The weather had been soooo bad in Floyd the last few weeks of November, I finally snapped. I had work to do in Nevis, West Indies that had been calling me strongly, and the prospect of escaping for a week of shorts, sandals, and sailing, too, was just too strong.

When I returned this past Sunday, the crews had not been able to get a lot of work done due to the ongoing bad weather, but were able to get back to it Monday as it hasn’t rained in a couple of days and the weather was miraculously in the 50’s.

Sawed a bunch more logs into timbers. Felled one last (?) big white pine that was leaning towards what will be the house. Terrible shame to see the big girl go, but it turned out to have rot inside it that predicted it would be on top of the house before too long. Tomorrow we’ll see what timbers can be sawn/salvaged from it. We were hoping to get some of the last few big 24″ wide or 21′ long timbers out of her, but we’ll just have to see.

Our very fine Biological Woodsmen apprentices have received short shrift in this story so far, while they have been an integral and essential part of this effort. Below, Adam takes a short break after helping harvest this big tree. Adam is really good with a chainsaw, so he does a lot of the directional felling work.

Too bad he always seems to have his back to the camera.