Got some goats, sheep, and llamas onto Crooked River Farm this week. After the cows have grazed the pasture, the goats and sheep will eat a lot of what the cows don’t, increasing yield per acre, decreasing the “weed” load, further benefiting the pasture, and further increasing the yield per acre.  Virtuous cycle – at least that’s the theory.


The llama’s are there as “guard animals” – they are supposed to protect the flock of sheep and goats.  Again, that’s the theory. I once got a llama and a donkey to protect the sheep flock I had for about 25 years.  The donkey harassed the llama to death (literally) and proceeded to terrorize the sheep until we moved him to another paddock and ultimately, to another owner/farm. So far the llamas seem to be behaving themselves and doing their duty protecting the goats and sheep. Will be watching them all closely.  In theory, theory and practice are one and the same – in practice they are not….