I’ve found the best land-clearing machine, and it is called BullHog, made by Fecon. I had been looking for an owner/operator locally for months, and had even considered buying one. But these are expensive beasts!

John Sutherland and his son JR just moved back to Floyd, with one of these things in tow, which was a blessing beyond measure to me. This hedge of roses would have taken me days to have worked over with my tractor and bush-hog, and my face would have looked like I had lost a fight with a barbed-wire fence. The BullHog cleared it in a couple of hours.

Clearing roses

Clearing roses

One 20 acre or so pasture was so full of Hawthorne and Virginia Pine that it was unusable. All of it too big to bush-hog. I figured I would spend a few weeks pulling them out with the tractor and putting them in burn piles. The BullHog cleared this pasture in 2 days, turning all of these nasty trees into mulch.

This machine is THE BOMB for clearing land. All of the precious topsoil stays right where it is. The trees and brush are turned just into chips which rapidly add organic matter to the soil rather than having to be burned which just pollutes the air and wastes the organic matter, or left laying where it can take years for them to decay.

It might seem contradictory to use both horse power and horsepower in the farm restoration, but they are perfectly complimentary. Both teams are using appropriate technology for the task.  In clearing one section of large pines in pasture, the Healing Harvest team cut down the trees, the Bullhog team turned the tops into mulch, and the horses then hauled out the logs.  As our european friends would say – “Brilliant!”.